This site will be shut down, but the club will continue operating

The leaders of the Allcanuck club have decided to shut down the web site in late October, 2019.

The site has been operating since 2006, but in more recent times, has not served the club’s purposes very well. Most of the action now centres around our Facebook group:

The club itself is bigger than ever, with 700 members spread across Denmark. It’s an active network, with daily tidbits and comments on the Facebook page.

The club wishes to thank webmaster Andy Rutter for creating the site and for his extensive work in updating it.

Canada Day celebration

Join fellow Canadian expats (and Danish partners) for the club’s third annual Canada Day barbeque. It will take place in Fælledparken in Copenhagen on Sunday, June 30th, starting at 1:00 PM. For details on the event, check the club’s group page in FaceBook.

Laura Crema

Over the years, Laura Crema has performed and recorded with the finest musicians in Canadian jazz.  Her most recent CD, fotografia was produced by the celebrated trumpeter and bandleader, Brad Turner and features a mixture of original and carefully chosen standards that highlight Crema’s vocal powers.
Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Laura Crema performs regularly, both as a singer and a multi-disciplinary artist and dancer in both her hometown of Vancouver and around the country.  The depth and resonance of her voice as well as the singularity and discipline of Laura’s artistic vision has opened many door for her.  She has toured and performed across Canada, having the great honor to play many of Canada’s most prestigious jazz venues, including The National Art Centre in Ottawa. She has performed with Canada’s finest vocalists at the ‘Divas for Life’ benefits in Vancouver, been featured on CBC radio’s Studio One Jazz Series during The Vancouver Jazz Festival in 2002, 2004 and 2010 as well as appearing on ‘Hot Air’, ‘North by Northwest’ and several other influential radio programs.  Her previous recordings, 2005’s Almost Blue and 2007’s Spring Is Here received airplay worldwide and positive notices in ‘Downbeat’, ‘Coda’ and other taste making journals. Currently she is working on a new recording with multi-instrumentalist Scott Smith and acclaimed recording engineer John Raham. 

“Vancouver jazz vocalist Laura Crema and trumpeter/producer Brad Turner make for a powerful combination. Hers is a wonderfully deep, expressive voice and Turner has surrounded her with some great players and sounds. This is quite the inspired treat!”

The Vancouver Province


Here is Lauras schedule:

Torsdag den 7. april kl. 21:00

Paradise Jazz

Huset, Rådhusstræde 13

København K.


Fredag den 8.april kl. 20:00

Dexter, Vindegade 65, Odense.


Lørdag den 9. april kl. 13:00

Portalen, Hundige Centret, Greve


Søndag den 10. april kl. 15:00

Slagelse Musikhus, Badeanstalten, Sdr. Stationsvej 3-5.


Onsdag den 13. april kl. 20:00

Jazz Esbjerg, Café Ørsted, Kirkegade 61, Esbjerg.


Torsdag den 14. april kl. 20:00

Grønnegades Kasernes Kulturcenter, Grønnegade 10, Næstved.


Søndag den 17. april kl. 15:00

Sønderborg Jazzklub, Sønderborghus, Løngang 1, Sønderborborg,




All the best



accommodation in Copenhagen

A fellow Canadian living in Berlin,Samuel Bakowski,  working as Marketing Manager for Wimdu is giving a discount voucher to  us if you book through this Allcanucks Club website. You can get 20 euros off of every 100 euro booking.


Check it out:


All the best




Certifying documents legally

The firm International Documents Canada ( ) which is based in Ottawa, provides legal authentication of Canadian documents. This allows people moving abroad to have their Canadian documents officially recognized in a foreign country. There’s more information on the company’s web site.

Scandinavian design

A new website called Scandinavia Standard has loads of information, in English, on everything from how to buy transport tickets to the best kebab shops. A useful resource for expats new and experienced alike.

Improve your skills in Danish

Peter Erkmann, a Master’s student in communication at the University of Copenhagen, has created a free-to-use web site to help people improve their language skills. The site, , lets participants swap their language skills (in other words, if you as an English speaker were matched up with a Danish speaker, you should both increase your fluency). If you make progress with the site and your efforts in learning Danish, let our members know by adding a comment below.

A great moment for Canada!

This photograph, taken by Rune Gravengaard, captures the enthusiasm and joy of a great hockey victory. Team Canada scored gold at the Sochi winter olympics, and 45 Canadian expats cheered for them at Magraths bar on Sunday, February 23. Bravo!


New network in central Jutland

A new English-speaking branch of the Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCI) has been established in central Jutland. The group offers professional development and networking for foreign and Danish employees in companies in central Jutland.

“Many international newcomers who move to this region are young professionals who are starting their careers and they need to develop their network with other internationals and local Danes. That is where the new JCI branch can help a lot, thanks to the support of the two Danish branches,” said Anja Voller from the local Business Council in Herning.

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New edition of The Worktrotter’s Guide to Denmark

Long-term expat Dagmar Fink has revised her guidebook written for people moving to Denmark. The Worktrotter’s Guide to Denmark contains all kinds of useful advice and covers the following topics:

1. Culture shock                                  12. Cost of living
2. Introducing Denmark                     13. Taxes
3. Made in Denmark                           14. Education
4. Managing expectations                 15. Learning Danish
5. Etiquette and customs                  16. Building a social network
6. Experiencing Denmark                 17. Transportation and travel
7. First Steps                                       18. Safety
8. Working in Denmark                     19. Last steps: Farewell, Denmark!
9. Healthcare system                         20. Cross-border commuters
10. Financial matters                         21. Emergencies
11. Making a home in Denmark      22. Concluding thoughts

You can order the book from
Worktrotters Guide

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