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Canadian taxes and Danish income??

Hi, I’m looking for some advice regarding filing my Canadian income tax return. I moved here in March 2010 and have been working for a Danish company with no ties to Canada since then.  I still have residential ties left in Canada (apartment that I rent out so there is some Canadian income that I …

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Looking for help from other expatriates?

Use the Seeking Advice topic to pose questions or discuss any problems you’re having with settling in Denmark or getting used to things.

Changing a Canadian drivers license to a Danish one

Just thought I’d put it out there that the rules regarding the changing of a Canadian driving license to a Danish one have recently changed, unfortunately. It used to be that, as a Canadian, one was exempt from an expensive driving test and could just trade across the board, as it were. Not any more, …

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A Canadian-Danish child

Hi all. I’m about to birth a little dual citizen and was just wondering if I need to somehow register this birth with the Canadian authorities, as well as the Danish ones. Anyone have any experience in this area? Cheers and thanks, Jessica This entry was posted by Jessica Grant Jørgensen on 17.01.08 Brian Keith’s …

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