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Certifying documents legally

The firm International Documents Canada ( ) which is based in Ottawa, provides legal authentication of Canadian documents. This allows people moving abroad to have their Canadian documents officially recognized in a foreign country. There’s more information on the company’s web site.

Scandinavian design A new website called Scandinavia Standard has loads of information, in English, on everything from how to buy transport tickets to the best kebab shops. A useful resource for expats new and experienced alike.

Improve your skills in Danish

Peter Erkmann, a Master’s student in communication at the University of Copenhagen, has created a free-to-use web site to help people improve their language skills. The site, , lets participants swap their language skills (in other words, if you as an English speaker were matched up with a Danish speaker, you should both increase …

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New network in central Jutland

A new English-speaking branch of the Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCI) has been established in central Jutland. The group offers professional development and networking for foreign and Danish employees in companies in central Jutland. “Many international newcomers who move to this region are young professionals who are starting their careers and they need to develop their …

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Connect with Danes over dinner

The 2 PDF files linked below concern a scheme to encourage dining with compatible Danish couples. If you give it a try, please add a comment to this page to say how it went. dinner for couples – customer information dinner for couples – introductory letter

International schools in Denmark

The Danish government has been working on increasing the number of schools that offer education in English, for the benefit of expat children. Here is a partial list of schools that offer lessons in English: Zealand: Bjørns Internationale Skole, Copenhagen Østerbro International School, Copenhagen Institut Sankt Joseph, Copenhagen Copenhagen International School, Hellerup Rygaards Skole, Hellerup …

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Surveys of expatriates living in Denmark

The results of two surveys of expats living in Denmark have been released recently. See the relevant web sites for details: 1. The 2010 expat survey by Oxford Research and The Copenhagen Post is the third such study. Allcanuck member Derek Light helped design the study and analyze the results, and I think he did …

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Piano lessons in Copenhagen

Some information for those of you hoping to expand your musical skills – or if you have eligible children: Harman Music Methods Piano courses for kids and adults; classical, popular and jazz. For absolute beginners, intermediates or advanced. Courses include rhythm, reading notes and music theory. All courses feature individual tuition. Location: Central Copenhagen Prices …

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Finding and meeting Danes

A new initiative sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Integration is aimed at linking up expats with compatible Danish people. The program is run by 6 associations, including Expat in Denmark, New to Denmark, Work in Denmark, Nydansker, WelcomeTo, and Copenhagen Kommune. To get started, navigate to Create a profile and start searching for …

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Concerned about Danish-Canadian relationships?

I mean the political kind, not the personal kind. There’s a WikiPedia page about the two countries:

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