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Laura Crema

Over the years, Laura Crema has performed and recorded with the finest musicians in Canadian jazz.  Her most recent CD, fotografia was produced by the celebrated trumpeter and bandleader, Brad Turner and features a mixture of original and carefully chosen standards that highlight Crema’s vocal powers. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Laura Crema performs …

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New edition of The Worktrotter’s Guide to Denmark

Long-term expat Dagmar Fink has revised her guidebook written for people moving to Denmark. The Worktrotter’s Guide to Denmark contains all kinds of useful advice and covers the following topics: 1. Culture shock                                  12. Cost of living 2. Introducing Denmark                     13. Taxes 3. Made in Denmark                           14. Education 4. Managing expectations                 15. Learning Danish 5. …

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Danish Bank Account?

Hi Everyone! I’m curious if anyone knows of a Danish bank that has a partnership with any Canadian banks so I don’t have to open a new account there? If not, that’s fine, it just seems like a bit less of a hassle. Thanks Sabs

CBC News, now available with subscription

News from the Canadian Expat Association: The CBC News Network is now available to Canadian expats, regardless of where they are living abroad. Until now, if you are living abroad and tried to access CBC News, you were told that it was inaccessible from your region. CBC has announced that they have launched a subscription …

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A new logo for Allcanuck

The Allcanuck club (which is now in its fifth year) proudly unveils a new logo: The new logo typifies our Danish-Canadian connections: red and white (the colours of both countries’ flags) our members’ love of group activities, sports and fun what could better symbolize Canadians and Danes than a helmet / baseball cap decorated with …

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Be sure to keep your permits up to date

A reminder for those of you living in Denmark on visas or limited-time permission to be in the country: Be sure you know when your permit to stay in Denmark expires, and get it sorted out beforehand. The Allcanuck club has witnessed two recent cases in which Canadians married to Danes discovered to their horror …

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Information about Danish old-age pensions

I’d been under the impression that my monthly 8% pension deduction was money thrown away, but not so! I’ve found some information about Danish pensions and how they’re paid to expats who subsequently move abroad. See: Booklet on Danish pensions abroad The site contains an 18-page booklet on the Danish pension system, how to collect …

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Viking hilarity

Want to learn about the Vikings? As seen from a Muppets perspective? This YouTube video shows the Muppets singing “In The Navy” while marauding as Viking warriors. A catchy tune, and sure to bring a smile.

Video feature on Canada/US relations

Here’s a nice report to watch if you’re homesick for Canada. American news anchor Tom Brokaw is featured in this lavish 6-minute feature, which was prepared last February prior to the Vancouver Olympics. It’s for an American audience, but explains quite well why the folks in our two countries get along so well. See:

Direct flights from Copenhagen to Toronto

Air Canada started flying direct from Copenhagen Kastrup airport to Toronto Pearson airport in June, 2010. I’ve used the service and thought it was great to fly non-stop.

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