New network in central Jutland

A new English-speaking branch of the Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCI) has been established in central Jutland. The group offers professional development and networking for foreign and Danish employees in companies in central Jutland.

“Many international newcomers who move to this region are young professionals who are starting their careers and they need to develop their network with other internationals and local Danes. That is where the new JCI branch can help a lot, thanks to the support of the two Danish branches,” said Anja Voller from the local Business Council in Herning.

“To ensure that companies continue attracting needed professionals and that these professionals would be willing to stay in the area, it is important that the community supports the businesses by making the area attractive for international newcomers. The new English-speaking JCI department is helping to make the area more attractive for internationals; therefore it is a great asset for local businesses. We expect that the new JCI branch will help to ensure that international employees will be willing to stay here a bit longer,” says Anja Voller.

The club meets once a month for lectures, courses or company visits and also works on projects such as Young Leader of the Year, Better Integration, etc.

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