Pub night in Copenhagen, Fri. May 8

Bring yourself and your partner to our next pub night:

Friday, May 8
starting at 7 PM
at Cafe Globen
Turesensgade 2
Copenhagen 1368
( www.cafegloben.dk )

From the Vesterport S-train station, walk north along Vester Farimagsgade. It turns into Norre Farimagsgade. Opposite Orsteds Parken, turn left onto Turesensgade. You will see a nice pub on the corner called Orsted – but don’t go into it – instead continue west along Turesensgade until you see the door for Cafe Globen (on the right side of the street). You can also reach this place by walking from Norreport S-train or Metro stations. If you become hopelessly lost or have any questions, call or text my mobile number, 5015 1275. It will be nice for me to say good-bye to everyone before I move away to Canada. We are allowed to bring food from outside into the Cafe Globen, and there are a few takeout restaurants in the area.

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