Canada Day Party

The Allcanuck committee has organized a Canada Day celebration, which will happen at a member’s home on Sunday, June 28th starting at 4 PM. It will take place in a suburb of Copenhagen, easily reachable by S-train (or car).

Canada-flag-cakeAllcanuck members, partners and children are welcome to attend. The BBQ will be ready by 5:30 PM. The format is pot-luck, so count on bringing drinks, meat to barbeque and a dish to share. Dust off your Canadian clothes and be ready to sing Oh Canada in your finest voice.

If you’d like to attend, please contact me through this site, or send me a text message (30 29 22 07).

I look forward to seeing lots of you there!
Corinne Clausen
Allcanuck President

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  1. Heather Spears

    Happy Canada Day!
    From a letter from Margaret Slavin, a friend in Peterborough who is marching in the parade: it is a beautiful letter – please read aloud today at the celebration in Copenhagen.Thanks!

    Today I will dress in red and white and participate in a parade (a very strenuous undertaking) to celebrate the birthday of my country. I will walk at the head of the section that includes Amnesty, the Unitarians, and a bunch of other “progressives,” holding the Council of Canadians banner with my friend Marie, who is blind. Marie will swing her white cane (red-tipped) before here and stride along as she never dares to on the ordinary sidewalk. I will call out to her ‘Faster!” “Slower!” “Stop!” and “More left!” “More right!” We will have the banner fastened to our bodies (arm and leg) with shoelaces. My other role is to warn Marie if there is a pile of horseshit on the street–she can handle manholes herself, as long as the cover is on!

    And I will call to the children in a singsong happy voice, not faking it at all, “Happy CANada Day!

    It is a long walk. I haven’t checked the weather yet, but it looks like rain. I may end up wearing orange instead, my raincape flying, and everybody will think I’m representing the NDP.

    This is on behalf of a country which has been torn from us, but the group behind the banner of the Council of Canadians is the Canada I still believe in.

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