A new logo for Allcanuck

The Allcanuck club (which is now in its fifth year) proudly unveils a new logo:

The new logo typifies our Danish-Canadian connections:

  • red and white (the colours of both countries’ flags)
  • our members’ love of group activities, sports and fun
  • what could better symbolize Canadians and Danes than a helmet / baseball cap decorated with Viking horns?

The logo was designed by Costin Găman, a multimedia designer who focuses on converting esoteric and vague ideas into simple, powerful graphics. He moved from Bucharest, Romania to Aalborg, Denmark where he is studying multimedia design (logos, 3D graphics, web sites) at Northern Jutland University College. Costin is a student of Andy Rutter, Allcanuck’s webmaster. Costin enjoyed working with the Allcanuck executive –- he says many clients expect him to use his “telepathic mutant superpowers” to read their minds to figure out what they want.

Costin thinks of another clever logo.

We hope you will like our new logo, and if you need any creative and demanding design work done, discuss it with Costin – you can reach him through the “Contact” form on our web site.

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