Moving from Denmark? Beware of this fraudster

A message of warning to expats who are moving away from Denmark. Several expats who have moved from Denmark have had the misfortune to be defrauded by a crook who masquerades as an international mover.

Kristian Vendelbo has been “at work” in the Copenhagen area for more than 20 years and so far has escaped prosecution. He may operate using an alias (Kristian Tyge Vendelbo, or Chris, for example) and has run moving firms under several names:
* VIP Ship
* VIP Shipping
* VIP-Møbeltrafik
* VIP Flytteservice
* VIP International Shipping Systems
* ship4expats (web address www.ship4expats.com)
* expat-ship.com
* expert-ship.com
* Shipping for Diplomats
* Ship4diplomats
* Intership-diplomats
* IntershipVIP
* A1 Shipping
* A1 Relocation
* Tilt Shipping
* Vendelbo Spedition

Kristian Vendelbo is approximately 65 years old, with gray hair and reportedly looks like a shabby Santa Claus. He may pass himself off as working for a legitimate moving company, collect people’s money and goods and then never deliver anything or refund any money. He has advertised in The Copenhagen Post (but of course never paid for the ads). Many expats, including trusting Canadians, have regretted giving him large amounts of money and then never received their possessions.

DR TV has broadcast one program segment about Kristian Vendelbo and VIP Shipping. Following the TV broadcast, a Danish warehouse contacted the network to say they are holding 12 huge packing crates that Mr. Vendelbo deposited 2 years previously, never paid for and never collected.

More information is shown at these websites:


Expats must therefore be very cautious about being taken in by this fraudster or anyone matching his description, and report any incidents to the police. It would be nice to think the Danish Police would take an interest, but so far they have merely been collecting complaints and filing them under “G”.


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  1. Anna

    We were stupid enough not knowing and used a firm called “Expert-Ship” in Denmark to get our goods to Canada.
    They claimed that the “shared load” could take time and they had to store our goods.
    I’m not sure if our goods were stored by the fraudster Kristian or if he actually owns this Expert-Ship company…
    Goods were picked up summer of 2009.
    We have not seen either goods nor money since.
    Police have requested our input to the court case….
    Still waiting…

    1. Brian Keith

      Don’t blame yourself for being stupid, Anna – you were victimized by a notorious criminal fraudster. I was unfortunate enough to talk to him on the telephone, and he sounded completely plausible. But he has stolen thousands of dollars, and kept personal belongings of dozens of innocent people, including many Canadian expats. Expert-Ship sounds like one of his many scam organizations.

      Please report back if there is any progress in your case. How long ago did the police ask for your input?

  2. Britta

    I was requested to give my input to the court case. I had saved all emails between Expert-Ship and me. Today, I was notified that the case against Kristian Tyge Vendelbo is not going forward for lack of proof. Unbelievable, since this guy have been defrauding people for over 20 years. The procecutor says that since there was no exact date for the arrival of the shipment, he cannot dispute that Vendelbo eventually intended to ship it. What a bunch of baloney! He took my money and never delivered anything. He never paid the storage facilities either. He took me for 7,777 Swedish Kronors (I am sure he had fun coming up with that number – probably sitting at his computer in his underwear. Lucky 7’s for him). Luckily, I was contacted by the storage facility so I did not lose my heirlooms. So, who says crime doesn’t pay?

  3. Anna

    Britta: I just got the same answer from the Aklagar myndighet 🙁
    I just want my heirlooms. I have had countless sleepless nights and stomach ache over this never-ending saga.

  4. Stephane

    I was also a victim of Kristian Tyge Vendelbo and lost all my belongings moving from Norway to USA in 2009. Like you I, received a message from a Copenhagen DA saying that they were dropping all charges against this fraudster. I feel sad and angry. Unlike you, I never retrieved any of my personal items.

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