Housing rental firms to avoid

A warning to expats searching for rental accommodation. Numerous reports of tenants who have been mistreated have been received concerning the company “Datea”, which is providing accommodation near the Fisketorvet shopping mall, and “Brunder Ejendomme”, which is the subject of hundreds of complaints. Expats who move out of rental properties are usually unable to get their security deposits back – these companies just offer bogus excuses as to why the deposit money can’t be refunded, leaving legal action (and huge legal bills) as the only recourse. Be sure to read the lease carefully – see our other post on this site with tips about renting accommodation in Denmark.

One company with a more favourable reputation is “Ejendomskontoret”. They have a selection of fine apartments in Osterbro with fair prices and reportedly excellent customer service. The company’s web address is www.ejendomskontoret.dk.

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