Changing a Canadian drivers license to a Danish one

Just thought I’d put it out there that the rules regarding the changing of a Canadian driving license to a Danish one have recently changed, unfortunately. It used to be that, as a Canadian, one was exempt from an expensive driving test and could just trade across the board, as it were. Not any more, as it currently stands.

It is possible to get back our old standing, but that requires the Canadian embassy in Denmark sending an application to the police for a driving test exemption (based on the fact that our driving and licensing systems are similar). The only countries to have done this so far are Australia, Russia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Switzerland. My husband and I have sent repeated emails to the Canadian embassy in Copenhagen to send in an application, but have received no reply. Maybe they need a few more prods by others….

Cheers, Jessica

This entry was posted by Jessica Grant Jørgensen on 31.07.09

Valerie’s comment:

I actually went to the process of changing my Canadian license to a Danish one a year ago. I went through the process with bogerservice in Copenhagen without having papers from the Canadian embassy. I had to take a theory and a driving test, which are free of charge since you exchange an international license. However I had to pay for an interpreter for both exams. Since I had last past a driving test more then 10 years before I decided to take a few theory classes and 1h30 of driving with a teacher. All in all it wasn’t too expensive as the tests were free, but I have to admit it was rather funny to go back to driving lessons but also a little annoying to invest time and money in it.

If you have to go through the same process, I can recommend you a good driving school!!

Good luck, Valerie


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  1. Pete

    WOW that is crazy. Soo glad I could just pay the small fee and change mine. I found it strange that they take your home country license away from you. I just got a replacement when I was back home visiting family and friends.

    1. Monique

      Hello Pete, could you say more about how you did this change of driving license? My friend is coming from Canada to live with me in DK and I like to know how you handled successfully.

  2. Charly

    Hi……. most of the answer you can find here. both on the blog but most exact in the forum http://www.trafficrules.dk

  3. Cat

    I changed my license last year, from a Canadian to a Danish. Unfortunately, i was not so lucky as Valerie–i had to pay all the fees, including the interpreters, cost to rent a school vehicle, etc.

  4. Jeffrey Manner

    Hi everyone, this is a bit of an old thread but does anyone know how the process currently is? I have had a BC drivers and motorcycle license for 12 or so years and am now working in Copenhagen…



  5. Brian Keith

    Hi, Jeff: The process has not changed. If you have an EU drivers license, you can trade it in at a Danish police station. But if you have a Canadian license, you would have to take a test. Steps are underway to make it easier for Canadians and others to trade in their license, but it’s going to be some time before that happens.

  6. Jeffrey Manner

    Thank Brian. Too bad to hear but hopefully the process can be streamlined sometime soon.

  7. Tupaarnaq

    Hi everyone.

    My husband just got his residence here from Canada and we would like him to get a Danish drivers license. Could we maybe still write emails to The canadian embassy? So we won’t go through all The process?

    Tupaarnaq Kopeck

  8. Hosting

    You’ll need to go through the graduated licensing program . You’ll get credit for any non-learner driving experience you can provide.

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