Danish Bank Account?

Hi Everyone!

I’m curious if anyone knows of a Danish bank that has a partnership with any Canadian banks so I don’t have to open a new account there? If not, that’s fine, it just seems like a bit less of a hassle.




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  1. Brian Keith

    I don’t believe there are any banks that operate in both Canada and Denmark. (The big 5 Canadian banks are Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto-Dominion, Bank of Commerce and Royal Bank of Canada.) The main 2 Danish banks are Nordea and Danske Bank. It’s mandatory to have (or applied for) a CPR number before opening a Danish bank account. Bank fees are another matter – get used to paying service charges for most transactions and transfers.

    1. Sabs

      Ok thanks, Yeah I’m familiar with the Canadian banks, So you’re saying it’s best to take out cash and not use a debit card in Denmark to reduce the transaction charges?


  2. Brian Keith

    Most banks in Denmark charge fees for making cash or ATM withdrawals. You can use a debit card (which also involves some fees) if it’s your preference.

  3. CH

    It is not necessary to have a CPR number. They try to tell you that (because their system is based on it), but it is not true. You just have to push a bit more. Say that you cannot believe that no foreigner has a bank account in Denmark and that you want them to check with their legal department. This is how I got a bank account at Danske Bank years before I moved to Denmark. In the end they just made up a ‘fake’ CPR number to accommodate their system.

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