New edition of The Worktrotter’s Guide to Denmark

Long-term expat Dagmar Fink has revised her guidebook written for people moving to Denmark. The Worktrotter’s Guide to Denmark contains all kinds of useful advice and covers the following topics:

1. Culture shock                                  12. Cost of living
2. Introducing Denmark                     13. Taxes
3. Made in Denmark                           14. Education
4. Managing expectations                 15. Learning Danish
5. Etiquette and customs                  16. Building a social network
6. Experiencing Denmark                 17. Transportation and travel
7. First Steps                                       18. Safety
8. Working in Denmark                     19. Last steps: Farewell, Denmark!
9. Healthcare system                         20. Cross-border commuters
10. Financial matters                         21. Emergencies
11. Making a home in Denmark      22. Concluding thoughts

You can order the book from www.worktrotter.dk.
Worktrotters Guide

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