About Allcanuck

Welcome to Allcanuck.dk!

Allcanuck.dk is a network of Canadians living in Denmark. It was created in 2006 to inform, support and entertain. It’s important for newcomers to Denmark to have a supportive network, so let’s do our best to build one together.

If you’re a Canadian living in, or on your way to Denmark, you’re welcome to register on the site. Membership is free; you can become a member to read about upcoming activities, discuss topics of interest to expats, and to network. You will automatically be added to our mailing list to be informed of upcoming social events.

Browse around the site and once you’re a member, contribute! If you can’t find a category that suits your post, just choose Miscellaneous and we’ll either create a new category, or find a good home for it… Enjoy!

The Allcanuck Organizing Committee

The club is self-supporting and exists to serve members. Below is the lineup of our current committee members. It’s not an exclusive group – if you want to join in, think of a clever job title and get in touch with us!

Corinne Clausen

Corinne Clausen, President

Amanda Knoll

Amanda Jane Knoll, Coordinator of Events and Fun

Torval Thronberg

Torval Thronberg, Helper

Melanie Smith, Helper


Deepa Daniels, Administrator

Kevin Evancio

Kevin Evancio, Director of Hockey

Carrie Andersen, Local contact in Aarhus

Ole Holgersen, Local contact on the west coast of Jutland

Andy Rutter, Founder and Webmaster

Terms of Service
The Allcanuck club is a rag-tag, disorganized organization that has no office and no budget and is run by fun-loving, half-crazed volunteers. However, the club exists to serve members and we will do our best to meet that goal – and have fun in the process!

Privacy Policy
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