The Allcanuck web site contains 3 pages that may prove useful if you are:

  • thinking of moving to Denmark
  • in the process of moving to Denmark
  • have relocated to Denmark but can’t figure out what’s going on!

Navigate to the “Links for Expats” page which contains all kinds of useful links to other sites.

Or if you prefer, check out our separate pages with helpful tips on employment and accommodation.

the Copenhagen Post

Links for Expats

Click to jump down to one of these sections: First Steps: Learning About Denmark Support Groups to Help with Adjusting to Denmark Essential Sites for Coping in Denmark Translating Danish to English Danish news media in English Copenhagen Sites Denmark, Outside of Copenhagen Sports Shopping Resources for Canadians Note: When you are using some Danish …

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Jobs in Copenhagen


This page contains some links to help job seekers in Denmark. If you have comments, please visit our Discussion area and make a new posting under Seeking Advice or Miscellaneous. The main site about working in Denmark: “Welcome to Denmark” sites: (English versions of Danish web sites) – the links on this …

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Here is a list of links to housing sites. Also see this important advice about renting apartments in Denmark. To look for or advertise rental properties in Denmark, use our Discussion area and make a posting under “Accommodation”. The following agencies offer rental housing. Some of them are strictly in Copenhagen, but some let you …

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