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Links for Expats

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First Steps: Learning About Denmark
Support Groups to Help with Adjusting to Denmark
Essential Sites for Coping in Denmark
Translating Danish to English
Danish news media in English
Copenhagen Sites
Denmark, Outside of Copenhagen
Resources for Canadians

Note: When you are using some Danish sites – if you see a British flag at the top, click it and you should see the contents in English.
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First Steps: Learning About Denmark
www.denmark.dk/en – official website of the Danish government

www.visitcopenhagen.com – Copenhagen tourist information centre

www.workindenmark.dk – main site covering entry requirements, working, taxes etc.

www.expatindenmark.com – an initiative to facilitate the integration and support of workers who move to Denmark from abroad, and their spouses

portal.foreignersindenmark.dk/forum – a discussion forum for expats

www.foreningen-nydansker.dk – society for the integration of foreign people into Denmark (in Danish)

The “Worktrotter” guide to living in Denmark

The Worktrotters Guide to DenmarkIn 2009, German expat Dagmar Fink released “The Worktrotter’s Guide to Denmark”, a 330-page book containing hundreds of tips for coping with Denmark. Its contents include adapting to the culture, interacting with Danes, steps in immigating and finding work, information on health care, education, housing, transportation, banking, taxes and the government. Interviews and tips from expats (including Canadians) are featured.

The book costs 34.90 Euros, including free shipping within Europe. The book is available in either English or German. Order your copy now from www.worktrotter.dk/guide.html.

You can also join the Worktrotter network to receive the newsletter and access a list of more than 500 web links.

Support Groups to Help with Adjusting to Denmark

www.worktrotter.dk – a support group for expats, focussing on those here for work. Meeting topics include working conditions, getting to know the Danes, learning the language etc.

www.nyidanmark.dk – for those new to Denmark

blogs.denmark.dk – expat blogs, debates about the good and bad things in Denmark

www.finfo.dk – a service of the State Library for Integration. The site has links to plenty of information on finding work, education, arriving in Denmark, taxes, learning Danish, etc.

www.letsmeetin.dk – an initiative aimed at creating friendships between Danes and expats

Foreigners in Denmark

www.ForeignersinDenmark.dk – an online community designed to facilitate intercultural communication, interaction and friendships between Danes and foreigners living in Denmark. Resources in English to help newcomers learn and understand Danish culture. Information about moving to Denmark, finding work, getting permits and finding out what’s going on.

www.lifein.dk – a small group for new expats in Denmark

www.expatinterviews.com/denmark – interviews of expats who have moved to Denmark

www.whichoffshore.com – a site providing free, unbiased information that allows expatriates to make informed decisions on finance, accommodation and relocation

www.talesmag.com – overseas tales from a small planet

www.expatexpert.com/video_lectures – a series of online lectures by Canadian author Robin Pascoe on how to move abroad and cope successfully, with a focus on the spouse and children

www.livinginstitute.com/om_en.php – courses and counseling on adapting to Denmark

Essential Sites for Coping in Denmark

www.rejseplanen.dk – train and bus times and routes

www.findvej.dk – find any street address in Denmark (a combination of Google Maps and Denmark street addresses)

www.krak.dk – online maps of Denmark

bibliotek.dk – search for any item in all Danish libraries

www.dmi.dk – the Danish weather service

www.dgs.dk – (resolves to http://www.degulesider.dk/) – the yellow pages for Denmark; the DGS site has a superb section for finding the cycling or driving route between two locations – click Kort og Ruter and then Rutevejledning (Maps and then Get Directions)

www.eniro.dk – another yellow pages type site

Translating Danish to English

If you use the FireFox browser, install the “ImTranslator” extension which is an interactive online translator.



www.danskbureauet.dk – intensive Danish courses for foreigners

Danish news media in English

the Copenhagen Postwww.cphpost.dk – the Copenhagen Post

politiken.dk/newsinenglish – Politiken newspaper

jp.dk/uknews – Jyllands-Posten newspaper

www.dr.dk/Nyheder/Andre_sprog/English/index.htm – DR TV

borsen.dk/1493 – Borsen business newspaper

www.copenhagennews.com – Copenhagen News

www.canadaka.net – Canadian news, gossip, jokes and pictures

www.dba.dk – Den Bla Avis (the blue paper), similar to Buy & Sell containing want ads of people selling things second-hand or looking to buy, rent etc.

Looking for Work

See our Employment page.

Looking for Accommodation

See our Accommodation page.

Copenhagen Sites

www.visitcopenhagen.com – Copenhagen’s official website

www.aok.dk – listings of concerts, shows, local events, restaurants

www.kk.dk/thinkincph.aspx – Copenhagen International Service “one-stop” shop for immigrants – information on employment, education, accommodation, leisure, culture, health care and taxes

www.cphvolts.dk – volunteer centre

www.meetup.com/young-expats-copenhagen – “young internationals” social group

www.meetup.com/Les-Francophones-de-Copenhague – club for les françaises

www.linkdenmark.com – ladies international network, for expat spouses and children

www.spousecare.dk – support network for spouses in Copenhagen

www.lawmsp.dk – Danish law firm catering to English-speaking expats

Denmark, Outside of Copenhagen

www.erhvervscentret.dk/Newcomers-315.aspx – welcome site from Ringkøbing-Skjern municipality. It has information on job hunting, jobs for partners, permits, taxes, banking, health, unemployment insurance, schools etc. in English, German, Polish and Russian.

www.internationalcommunity.dk – local network for expats in Århus

www.meetup.com/Aarhus – Århus international expat group

www.invejle.com – welcome site from Vejle (in English)

www.NewPeople-Esbjerg.dk – a social network for expats in Esbjerg, Jutland

spouses networks – see www.expatindenmark.dk

www.awcdenmark.org – American Womens’ Club


www.ch3.dk – the Copenhagen Hash House Harriers, a group that organizes weekly outings for runners and walkers in the Copenhagen area

www.dcf.dk – the Danish Cyclist Federation, Rømersgade 5, 1362 København K; Tlf: (+45) 3332 3121

On this site: shop.dcf.dk/Default.aspx, you can select Butikken and English; a cycle map of north Zealand is available.


www.canadaonly.ca – an online retailer offering a large selection of Canadian groceries, will ship anywhere in the world

Den Bla Avis (the blue paper) www.dba.dk – similar to Buy & Sell containing want ads of people selling things second-hand or looking to buy, rent etc.

www.tilbudonline.dk – it scans all of the sales papers for grocery stores and hardware stores every week, enabling you to find the best sales possible with a few keystrokes. It’s in Danish, but has a simple search function and you can create grocery lists as well.

Resources for Canadians

FBpageThe Allcanuck club on FaceBook

Register yourself with External Affairs: www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca – click Travelling and Living Abroad

French / Quebec group on FaceBook

www.canadaka.net – Canadian news, gossip and entertainment

www.canclubnor.info – Canadian Club of Norway

www.canswe.org – Canadians in Sweden club

www.thecanadianexpat.com – The Canadian Expat Association


Canadian EmbassyThe Canadian Embassy in Copenhagen

Kristen Bernikowsgade 1,
1105 Copenhagen K,

Phone: (+45) 33 48 32 00
Fax: (+45) 33 48 32 20
E-mail: copen@international.gc.ca

Office hours: Monday to Friday: 08:30 to 16:30 (note that reception is closed between 12:00 and 13:00)
Consular Section Office Hours: 09:00-12:00 (Monday to Friday)