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Here is a list of links to housing sites. Also see this important advice about renting apartments in Denmark.

To look for or advertise rental properties in Denmark, use our Discussion area and make a posting under “Accommodation”.

The following agencies offer rental housing. Some of them are strictly in Copenhagen, but some let you select other cities in Denmark. A couple of translation tips:
Bolig = house.
Leje or Lejning = rental.

If any of this information proves to be incorrect, please Contact the Webmaster.

Another note of caution: be very wary of scam ‘artists’ operating in the rental housing sector. Be very suspicious of free-lance criminals who demand big deposits, don’t issue a valid lease, or are not from a recognized rental agency.

http://www.boligportal.dk/index.php  A membership fee is required.

http://www.lejebolig.dk/  A membership fee is required.

http://boligsurf.dk/  Especially for students or people on a limited budget.

http://boligdeal.dk/ A free notification service for accommodation seekers.

http://www.findroommate.dk New site to help you find a roommate in a number of Danish cities.

http://www.bolig007.dk/ A fee-based search engine for rental accommodation.


http://www.boligfinder.dk/ Houses and apartments around Denmark.

http://www.ejendomskontoret.dk/main_uk.php?content=forside Copenhagen

www.cityapartment.dk  Central Copenhagen

http://www.danskboligformidling.dk/ Their properties cover the upper range of the market.

http://www.lilienhoff.dk/ Mainly purchase and sale of higher-end properties.

http://www.dba.dk/  Click Bolig og Have -> Boliger. Select for your desired city. A membership fee is required. This site is run by “Den Blå Avis” (the blue paper) which is a popular weekly buy and sell type publication.

http://www.copenhagen-housing.com Furnished apartments in Copenhagen.

http://copenhagen.da.craigslist.dk/search/apa?query=+  You can advertise free under “housing wanted”. However, if anyone emails you in response to your posting, be very wary whether he/she is a legitimate landlord or a con artist. Many people report only bad experiences with Craig’s List.

Also look in the classifieds section of the Copenhagen Post newspaper.

Avoid using the firm “Datea” – see separate article here.